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TellCard Systems Introduces the EGT Standalone (Offline) Cylindrical Lock


We are pleased to introduce to you the EGT Standalone (Offline) Cylindrical lock. The heart of the EGT is a proven ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 Cylindrical Chassis. Our engineers used this proven lock platform and created a product that is assembled in the USA, using electronics manufactured in the USA and programming that was developed by TellCard.
Some of the features of this product include:

  • Operates up to 130,000 lock/unlock cycles on one set of (4) AA batteries
  • Fully weather proof- both sides can be exposed to weather
  • 3 Hour UL Fire Rating, ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 Chassis
  • Simple installation utilizing only 3 additional holes off a standard 161 prep.
  • 7″ tablet PC optional for programming USB models coming soon. (optional accessory)
  • The current EGT Basic unit also features at no additional cost a key bypass feature that can be keyed to any of a number of keyways, small format (Best style) and large format Schlage® keyways.

The EGT also has:

  •  Backlit Stainless Steel Keypad buttons with an audible sounder that aids operation in low light situations. The audible sounder also serves as a low battery indicator when current drops below a certain point, giving the user more than adequate time to change the batteries before they fail.
  • Easy programming that allows insertion of multiple codes in sequence without having to return to home.
  • Easy, field changeable handing.
  • Variety of lever styles

A Mortise Lock version called the EMR will be available Mid September again using a proven Grade 1 Mortise Lock Chassis. Features to be added include a USB connection for audit trails and programming as well as the next few months, an RFID version using Mifare technology will also be available. The EGT Basic is available now at an introductory price of 268.00 Net. Units are in stock and can ship almost immediately, so place your order now.

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