2019 Watermark Product Highlights

Rainey: When Mark Zeff designs interiors, his aesthetic goes beyond trends. For the 70 Rainey Street project in Austin, Texas, Zeff collaborated again (H-Line Collection 2014 with Watermark Designs to create kitchen and bath fixtures that embody the best of Austin’s eclectic sensibilities. The spout and handles are available with or without Watermark’s signature diamond knurling, providing a unique Transitional aesthetic.

LILY: Using painstaking processes to achieve the most unique deigns and finishes, Watermark Designs unveils the Lily Collection. The collection has three distinct designs; a dimple pattern, an ogee or mermaid scale pattern, or a more traditional diamond pattern. To achieve these finishes, Watermark Designs double-machines and double-plates each faucet.

BRUT:¬†Experimenting with textures, Watermark Designs has created a bold new collection involving two completely different polishing processes to achieve another in its family of unique finish combinations. Brut’s spout exterior is smooth and polished but the underside is given an earthly rough-hew finish. Available in 24 finishes.¬†

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